MobilePRO Cleaners - Household & Flat Laundry Cleaning

Household & Flat Laundry Cleaning

Providing Household & Flat Laundry Cleaning to Northeastern Pennsylvania, Hudson Valley New York, and Northern New Jersey.

Household & Flat Laundry Cleaning

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Household Laundry Cleaning

MobilePRO will clean all of your household items - Pillows, furniture covers, bed spreads, duvets, comforters, blankets, curtains and drapes with the utmost care. We have the experience needed to give these items the attention they require and deserve, while exceeding your expectations by returning your household items in the best possible condition.

Our experienced staff looks over each item for sun damage and other conditions that are common in household items. No matter what method of cleaning is required, eco-friendly dry cleaning or wet cleaning, our equipment is set up to run special gentle cycles to minimize stress to your textiles.

Flat Laundry Cleaning

MobilePRO Cleaners will wash, dry, fold and return your clothing ready to wear, so that you can take care of the more important things in your life and not have to worry about the laundry. At our cost of $1.45/lb, why would you want to spend your free time at the laundromat and waste your gas money getting there.

Have more than 20 pounds? Bring on the savings at our cost of $1.35/lb.

When you use our professional wash and fold services, you can be sure that your clothes will be well taken care of with the most efficient and green eco-friendly methods available. Unlike, some of our competitors, we will sort your laundry by color before washing. It's not rocket science. Darks with darks and whites with whites.

Your just a click away from having your laundry taken care of! We go out of our way to be convenient and cost effective in providing you household & flat laundry cleaning.