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Quality Dry Cleaning

Providing Quality Dry Cleaning to Northeastern Pennsylvania, Hudson Valley New York, and Northern New Jersey.

Quality Dry Cleaning

MobilePro Cleaners offers a dry cleaning process based on the science of getting your clothes their cleanest and maintaining the quality of the fabric while doing so. Some call it magic, but it is not quite that mysterious. Persistence, paying close attention to detail, and communication with the customer, are the reasons why our dry cleaning shines above the rest.

Our Dry Cleaning Process

We start the process from the minute we pick up your clothes until the moment they arrive back to your door step. Our route specialists are true professionals who are trained to cater to each unique customer and their dry cleaning preferences. Unlike your local dry cleaner, the same driver will handle your dry cleaning items day in and day out ensuring a higher level of detail and quality that the customer deserves. They will care for your clothing and respect it as if it were their own.

Once your garments reach our facility, we individually spot check your clothing prior to cleaning and identify any stains. Once identified, we pre-treat the stain to prevent further setting in.

After spot checking, your garments are processed to remove soil and stains from the fabric. The process is referred to as "dry cleaning" because the solvent used contains little or no water. This means it doesn't penetrate the fibers as it would in a normal wash.

After your garments have been cleaned, we inspect them again for any persisting stain and retreat as needed. Your garments are then pressed, packaged, and delivered back to your doorstep. For the highest level of service, we recommend The Green Garmento to provide the best protection during transit. If you don't have The Green Garmento yet, just fill out the form and include it in your next pick up request.

Think Our Dry Cleaning will Cost an Arm and a Leg?

Think again, here are some base prices on our most popular dry cleaning items:

Pants $7.35
Blouses $7.40
Sport Coat / Blazer Jacket $8.95
Mens & Ladies 2 pc Suit $15.45
Tie $6.30
Silk Tie $7.80
Skirt $8.45
Sweaters $7.70
1 pc Dress $16.25
Outer Jackets (Light/Medium Weight) $12.45
Overcoats & Raincoats $17.45
Full Wool Coats $20.95

* Prices subject to change and additional charges may apply to some garments.

We go out of our way to be convenient and cost effective in providing you quality dry cleaning.

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